Monetary Compensation with a Spousal Support Lawyer in Monroe County, PA

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Law And Lawyers

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The ending of a marriage can be a difficult situation. You may have given up your job to raise kids or take care of the home. Many women, especially, have trouble with money after a marriage ends. They often put their career on hold to stay home with kids. This can make it difficult for them to support themselves immediately after a divorce. Their living situation, and that of the children, may change drastically. Spousal support is an important part of keeping women like this in a home with their basic needs met.


A spousal support lawyer in Monroe County, PA may be needed for several reasons. The main reason that spousal support is sought out is that a person becomes accustomed to a certain living situation. When a woman stays home, it is usually because the couple made an agreement. The husband and wife decide together what is best for the family. If the wife agrees to stay home, she should not have to worry about having basic needs met while married or if the marriage should end suddenly. Her life changed due to an agreement with her spouse. A spousal support lawyer can help prove this situation.

Duration of Support

Support can be delegated for a specified amount of time. A spousal support lawyer can determine what may be easiest to secure. Long-term support may be possible in some cases. They may even look at factors such as the age of a child and whether a woman has been a stay-at-home mother. Support may be available during the time the child is growing up or only until the mother regains her financial independence. A good lawyer can help you ask for a realistic amount so that approval is more likely. Schedule an appointment to get your legal paperwork started today.

You may be able to acquire spousal support if you stayed home most of your married life. When women decide to dedicate their time and energy to caring for a family, it can take away from their earning potential in the workplace. Spousal support can help to keep them afloat when divorce happens.