Practicing Oil and Gas Law

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Lawyers

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Oil and gas law is not a legal system that is separated from everything else but a variety of different law area that are applied to the oil and gas industry. The field is currently in high demand and is an extremely fast-paced area of law suited for individuals interested in business and work with a high-value result.

An oil and gas attorney is responsible for giving advice to different business entities that are currently in the gas and oil industry. They give advice on how to operate their business as well as assistance with mergers and acquisitions.

Other Responsibilities

Oil and gas attorneys get involved in a number of different types of cases two of them being:

     *     Working on large gas and oil projects which entail creating a new gas or oil field.

     *     Acting on behalf of a client in order to complete the merger and acquisition process of an offshore company selling gas and oil assets.

They are also responsible for providing advice to clients regarding gas and oil contracts. Any contract, merger, or acquisition in the gas and oil industry, will end up in the hands of an attorney at some point in time.

Types of Clients

The types of clients a gas and oil lawyer in Wichita, KS might receive depends on their level of expertise. Typically, the clients will fall into one of four different categories:

     *     Large oil companies

     *     Small oil companies who are looking to expand into a larger company

     *     Drilling companies or other companies who provide any type of service to an oil company

     *     Banks who are involved in the lending or financing of gas and oil projects and deals

Starting Out

As a gas an oil attorney trainee, you will start out drafting documents, providing research, due diligence, scheduling/attending client meetings, as well as speaking to clients and taking various instructions from them. Your specialties will be in the contract, corporate, and regulatory law as well as knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Experience in the field is an absolute must.

If you would like to become an oil and gas attorney, it does require a great deal of responsibility as well as extensive knowledge of the gas and oil industry. Gas and oil attorneys represent corporations both large and small and must be able to handle each case delicately and with ease. If business and law are your two passions, this is a great choice for you.

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