Fight a DUI Charge with the Assistance of an Expert

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Attorney

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Have you or someone you know recently been arrested for driving under the influence? Is this a first offense and you do not want it to tarnish the person’s driving record? Perhaps, they are a multiple offenders and require the help of a professional to help them from facing serious penalties. Whatever the reason may be you want to retain a Sacramento DUI attorney that has the experience and knowledge required when facing this type of charges. A lawyer that specializes in this area of criminal charges will be able to handle every aspect of the case from beginning to the end. When it comes to having points taken off your driver’s licenses to facing time in jail and fines, you want to hire an attorney you can rely on to help fight your case successfully for you.

What a DUI Lawyer will do

The responsibility of the legal counsel is to help clarify any legal issue. They will make sure their client is able to understand the charges against them and what they can expect while the case is pending. A lawyer will be able to evaluate the severity of the case and inform their client if they will be able to get the charges dismissed. If they are not able to get them dismissed, the attorney will explain the possible penalties that their client could face if they are convicted of the crime. Once this all has been determined they will present their client with the options they have to help reduce the charges of the crime. The attorney will then attend and support their client at the hearings and work with the prosecutor in finding a plea agreement that will work for both sides of the party.

Do Not Feel Overwhelmed in Finding a DUI Lawyer

There is a variety of attorneys to select from when it comes to criminal charges. You want to find the one that will be right for your case. Search for a respected criminal attorney firm in your area that is known for how aggressive they fight their clients’ cases. Before you hire them be sure to ask them if they have the experience in cases similar to yours. You will want to know how often they plea down a case for their clients and how many jury trials they have litigated. It would be important to find out ahead of time their legal fees, how they charge, and if they accept payments.