What Factors Might Lead to My Social Security Application Being Denied?

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Legal

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When people apply for Social Security disability, most people don’t have any idea what gets considered. Sure, in their mind they have every reason why they should be approved. However, the reasons why they should be denied don’t go through their mind. What factors might lead to your Social Security application being rejected?

The first reason – and the most common reason– is because of your income. If you make a penny more than they say you can make, your application will get denied. By law, they have certain thresholds to adhere to. These people are exact – approximate values mean nothing to them. What they look at is what is called “substantial gainful activity.” Unless your disability is being blind – that limit is placed at $1090 per month for the year 2015. If you make $1090.01 per month, your application will get denied.

Severity is another factor that leads to your application being denied. If there is a reason to believe that your disability will not last longer than 12 months, your application will once again get denied. Vehicular accidents commonly get denied because claims involving acute trauma usually do not last longer than a year. Most bone fractures will heal on their own well before the year is over.

You need to jump through hoops to get the Social Security Administration to listen. If you’re not available when they say you need to be available, once again your application will get denied. You’re the one who is going to benefit from your application being approved, so if you’re not there every step of the way, it’s simple for them to toss your application in the rejected pile. As a government agency, they are not going to hold your hand and send someone out to find you because can’t remain in constant communication with them.

As a beneficiary, you’ll often have certain stipulations placed upon you as a condition of you receiving your benefits. Refused to cooperate will get your benefits yanked. If the Social Security Administration asks for your medical records – you need to give it to them. If you don’t comply with therapy the way they see fit, your application will get denied. Essentially, if you do not follow their instructions “to the T,” they will deny your application.

Other reasons include addiction to drugs and alcohol. If either of these are contributing to your disability, they may reject your application. Criminal behavior can also determine your eligibility. If you’re in prison following a criminal investigation or convicted of a felony, your application won’t get approved. The last reason is fraud. If you’re not entirely truthful on your application, expect it to get denied. Click here to learn more.