Reasons for Hiring a Family Lawyer Lebanon County, PA

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Family Law and Divorce

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Legal disputes are always stressful but more so when these disputes are among family members. In situations such as divorce or child custody, a skilled Family Lawyer Lebanon County PA can bring peace of mind to clients that an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is working on their behalf to arrive at the best possible solution. Hiring a family law attorney does not need to be complicated. Follow these suggestions to find the right attorney.

Look for Experience

Do not just open up a phone book or a web search and hire the first lawyer that comes up in the search. The outcome of the case will have real, lasting consequences, and an individual will want to take their time finding the best attorney to represent their interests. Family law is complicated, and lawyers need to be knowledgeable in hundreds of statues, understand the current legal climate, and know the outcomes of past cases. While all practicing attorneys have shown the minimal level of knowledge required to pass the bar exam, not every attorney practicing has devoted their time and attention to family law matters. It is critical for a client to consider attorneys that focus their time and attention on family law cases.

Seek a Consultation

Reputable attorneys will offer free consultations with potential clients, either in person or over the phone. Speak to at least three family law attorneys to better be able to make a wise choice. Use this opportunity to discuss the case and learn about potential outcomes. Discuss the steps involved to achieve this outcome. Be sure to also consider the attorney’s fee structure. Learn about the retainer, hourly fees, and what they cover. Discuss who you would be working with on the case as well as what problems the attorney sees in the case. Discuss all of this on the front end so there are no surprises later on.

Hiring a Lawyer

After completing the consultation process with the prospective attorneys, it is time to think about which attorney will be the best one for the case. The attorney will be someone the client will be spending much time with and trusting with significant aspects of their future. Be sure to hire an attorney you are comfortable with. For more information or to speak to a Family Lawyer Lebanon County PA, contact the Law Offices of Melissa R. Montgomery.