Reasons to Work With an Attorney Who Handles Real Estate Transactions

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Real Estate Law

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When you go through any kind of real estate transaction, you might think that you need to use a title company. However, an attorney who handles real estate transactions is usually able to complete all of the paperwork and file all of the documents so that you don’t have to use other sources.

Working for You

When you hire a real estate title attorney in Jacksonville, you’re going to have someone on your side who wants to work for you. A title company often works with insurance companies instead of looking out for the person buying or selling the property. Your attorney will let you know about any issues that are seen and inform you of the best decisions that you should make.

Legal Advice

A benefit of using a real estate title attorney in Jacksonville is that you’re going to get proper legal advice when it’s needed. A title company usually isn’t able to give you this kind of advice unless there is an attorney on hand. You can ask questions about how to complete the title and where it should be taken after it’s completed as well as what to do if there are any issues that arise during the buying or selling process.


When looking at the costs associated with a title agent and an attorney, you’re likely going to pay about the same. The one difference is that you’re going to usually pay all of the fees associated with the transaction to the attorney instead of paying the title company, insurance agent, or other people who are involved.