Probate Attorney Rockford, IL: Who are these unsung heroes?

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Attorney

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A lot of people are totally ignorant about probate lawyers and what they exactly do. If you are looking for a probate attorney in Rockford, IL, then you will require solid background information about these people and what they can do for you; otherwise, finding a good one would be like taking a shot in the dark. Probate is defined as the legal process where in the items aforesaid in the will are handed over to heirs and beneficiaries. Once someone dies, the assets he or she owns are meant to pass probate; as the probate exercise begins, the probate attorney usually sets it rolling by alerting the subjects of inheritance. The lawyer also accommodates the grievances of the beneficiaries who are not fully agreeable with the distribution. Assessment of taxes on the estate usually rolls side by side with this process. Lawyers also perform one crucial role, that is, they specify the laws and statutes on how the provisions in the will be enforced; as such, their importance in the probate exercise cannot be overlooked.

What are the duties of a probate attorney in Rockford, IL?

Probate attorney is the individual who is in charged with the legal procedures that validate all the information contained in the will. The deceased assets are valued, outstanding debts at the time of death are settled and, at the same time, estate taxes are calculated and paid. All the heirs and beneficiaries are subjected to appropriate probate proceedings before the designated assets are distributed.

It is however imperative for a good probate attorney in Rockford, IL to recognize the fact that the probate process is generally supervised by an executor. The duties of an executor are not that new to the general public. He is the person appointed to administer the estate of the deceased and take charge of all the assets. He is ideally nominated in the will. The probate process can be a long winding process, taking up to four months or even years, depending on the laws of the state and the circumstances surrounding each case.

It is customary that the will is probated in the state where the testator dies. The testator is the one who writes the will. You are probably wondering what if the testator owned property in another state? Then another probate proceeding by the probate attorney in Rockford, IL begins. There is no blanket community property provision; hence, a spouse or a child will not automatically gain control over such assets. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that a person dies without a will, the responsibility of charting out a hierarchy of heirs is left to the courts.

When it comes to distribution of a deceased’s assets, it is very difficult to keep every strand of hair in place. There is a possibility of a thing or two going wrong and the ending is never happy all the time. In a bid to dodge this bullet, many people usually come up with a comprehensive estate plan prior to a probate process. If you wish that your assets, after death, are distributed as wished, you need the services of a competent probate attorney in Rockford, IL. Contact Crosby Law Firm office in Rockford, IL at (815) 397-2006 for experience and guidance you can trust.