Reasons You Need a DUI Attorney in Rapid City

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Attorney

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Drunk driving laws exist to keep everyone safe. Law enforcement officers apprehend intoxicated drivers on the road or at planned DUI checkpoints on a regular basis. Anyone who accumulates multiple DUI charges is certain to face progressive consequences. The problem is, sometimes people are arrested for drunk driving when they haven’t actually committed a crime. In some cases, the device used to test for alcohol levels in the blood isn’t calibrated properly and displays a false reading. In other cases, law enforcement officers make illegal traffic stops without cause. When this happens, the driver needs an experienced DUI Attorney in Rapid City to protect their rights.

Having a DUI Attorney means you won’t have to represent yourself in court. An attorney might locate witnesses who can testify for the defense, question the law enforcement officers about the procedures they used in the arrest and require the officers to produce maintenance records for the blood alcohol testing device they used. Another thing defense attorneys might do is negotiate with the state to have charged reduced or dropped based on the evidence in the case.

A DUI Attorney in Rapid City may also help a client feel more at ease as they go through the court process. It’s likely that you don’t understand the specifics of your case and a lawyer is the best person to ask the many questions you have. In addition to keeping you informed about pending court appearances and the status of your driving privileges, an attorney might tell you about conversations he or she has with the prosecutor regarding a plea bargain or possible dismissal of the case.

Hiring an attorney for a DUI case is always preferable to self-representation. Whether you know you were intoxicated when you were pulled over or you are sure you weren’t, every defendant has the right to due process. The state has the obligation to follow the law and must prove a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, many people give up that right by admitting to the charges and accepting the consequences without a trial. You can count on an attorney to give great advice to ensure you don’t make bad decisions before and during the DUI trial.

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