Arrested? Hire the Best Criminal Attorney in Chicago

Nobody wants to think about doing jail time, but when it’s a possibility, it becomes important to hire an experienced criminal attorney, such as John Fitzgerald Lyke, Jr. An aggressive attorney that will fight for the rights of his clients. One that understands the importance of what is at stake with a criminal conviction, and will do everything possible to lessen the charges and achieve the best outcome for the situation. When hiring the best criminal attorney in Chicago, experience is without question. Most know just how the criminal justice system works, and in fact, many have worked both sides of the system, making them quite beneficial to their clients, with a great understanding of the legal system. A criminal attorney will stand by his client’s side from arrest and court appearances right through to the trial or plea deal.

When an arrest is made, contact the office for an immediate jail visit. The defendant can be assured of quality representation by his or her attorney. The attorney will encourage the client not to speak to the police without presence of legal counsel. This is because, though the police may seem they’re trying to help clear up the situation, their line of confusing questions may be asked in such a way to encourage the defendant to confess to a crime he or she didn’t commit.

By hiring the best criminal attorney in Chicago, it may be recommended to take a plea deal in an attempt to resolve the charges before a risky trial can take place. Though, it’s an admission of guilt, it may be a safer alternative, and a much lesser sentence, than putting the freedom of a client in the hands of an unpredictable judge or jury. The attorney will help his client understand that convictions can last a lifetime, and at times, it’s important not to risk losing a home, family or freedom for something not guaranteed. Of course, it’s never an easy decision, and one the client wouldn’t want to make on his own, but with a trusted attorney by his side, he can be assured of making the right decision for the particular situation he’s facing.

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