Reviewing Divorce Cases with a Family Law Attorney in New Market

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Family Law and Divorce

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In Maryland, a petitioner must review all laws that pertain to their divorce case. In fact, the laws serve as a guide when starting a case and avoiding unwanted circumstances. The laws can also protect petitioners against abuse. A family law attorney in New Market helps petitioners file and finalize their divorce quickly.

Why Are the Grounds Important?

The divorce grounds chosen determine if the petitioner must provide proof of their allegations or not. If no-fault grounds are used, the petitioner isn’t required to prove anything. They just need their spouse to sign the documents to proceed. If they choose, fault-based grounds evidence is needed to support their claim.

Who Receives Spousal Support?

A marriage that lasts at least ten years could entitle a spouse to alimony. However, the spouse must show why they need the payments. Typically, if there is a significant difference in each party’s earning capacity, the court requires alimony. The payments are either temporary or permanent. Temporary payments are often provided to help a spouse while they attend a college degree program.

When Can Children Make Choices About Where They Live?

Children are allowed to state where they want to live after they turn twelve years of age. Typically, a guardian ad litem is assigned to the child to present the child’s wishes to the court. The judge may not agree with the child’s choice, but the request is taken into consideration.

Does Domestic Violence Affect a Custody Hearing?

Yes, if the domestic violence case involves the child, it is possible for the opposing parent to acquire sole custody. Any form of abuse against the child could lead to sole custody and lead to the termination of the parental rights of the defendant.

In Maryland, divorce cases are often complex and may require evidence from some petitioners. If fault-based grounds are used, the petitioner needs evidence to support their claims. In cases where a prenup was used, evidence could also entitle the petitioner to certain awards. Violent acts such as domestic violence could also influence the outcome of the case. Petitioners who need to start a divorce now can contact us to speak to a family law attorney in New Market right now.