Reviewing Possible Outcomes With A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Grand Rapids, MI

by | Jun 7, 2017 | Workers’ Compensation

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In Michigan, workers acquire benefits when they sustain work-related injuries. Through worker’s compensation insurance, the workers could acquire monetary benefits based on their recovery time. They also receive complete coverage for all of their medical requirements. The following is a review of possible outcomes with a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI.

How were the Injuries Produced?

An investigation must provide the exact reason for the accident that produced the worker’s injuries. If this investigation shows a condition that denotes an OSHA violation, the company is responsible for the worker’s injuries. These violations could include anything from structural damage to a failure to provide safe work equipment and machinery. The results of the investigation can show how the company is liable for the personal injury claim.

Did the Worker Violate the Law?

When all workers sustain work-related injuries, they are sent to an emergency room or urgent care facility. Among the tests that are performed for these workers are drug and alcohol screenings. If the worker was under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, they are in violation of OSHA laws. They won’t receive worker’s compensation benefits, and they are subject to immediate termination.

Did the Worker Violate Company Policies?

Company safety policies are in place to lower the chances of a worker-related injury. These policies may involve specific protective gear and work attire. They can also present the workers with a protocol that must be followed to lower known risks. If the worker was in violation of company policies, they might lose their rights to benefits. Visit here for more information.

What is Possible After a Denial?

If the worker was denied benefits, they have the opportunity to file a lawsuit. The lawsuit is filed against the company and their insurer. The attorney representing the worker must acquire substantial evidence for these claims to increase the success of the claim.

In Michigan, workers gain access to benefits after a work-related injury. These benefits are provided through a worker’s compensation insurance policy. They provide coverage for medical treatment and monetary benefits until the worker recovers. Workers who need help from a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI contact Bleakley Law Offices P C right now.