Is an Attorney Needed for Workers’ Compensation in Lafayette, LA?

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Workers’ Compensation

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Following an accident at work, most workers are focused on getting back to work as quickly as possible. Missing work means missing paychecks, and few workers want to have to be put in that position. However, when workers’ compensation claims are denied, workers may need to contact an attorney to handle their workers’ compensation in Lafayette, LA.

Disputes with Company’s Insurance

The insurance company representing the company the worker had the accident in has every reason to deny a workers’ compensation claim. Doing so will save the company money overall. Once a worker has a dispute with the insurance company, it is time to contact an attorney to help with workers’ compensation in Lafayette, LA. Attorneys can gather depositions and hire experts to help demonstrate that the insurance company is not telling the truth.

Late Payments

Occasionally, a claim will be accepted, but the benefits will not be paid promptly. Workers will continue to experience financial distress until the benefits are paid. If benefits are slow to arrive, workers should contact an attorney immediately.

Insufficient Benefits

Sometimes a claim will not offer the money that a worker needs in order to pay their medical bills. Other times, the offered claim will not cover the wages that the worker lost while they were off work. In both instances, the worker may be entitled to a better settlement, and an attorney can help them determine if that is true.

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