Sex Crime as Defined by Sex Crime Attorney Cleveland

A sex crime is often thought to be limited to one involving rape or molestation of a child. However, there are many offenses that constitute sex crimes. For instance, rape may include, spousal, date or statutory. Other sex crimes occur in forms of child pornography, prostitution and sexual harassment. In most cases, men are the aggressors. That should however not be construed to mean that women cannot commit sexual offences.

In case you suspect a child or family member has been sexually assaulted, you should contact a sex crime attorney. Of course the first step is to report to the police. The affected person should then be taken to hospital where treatment will be given and samples taken for DNA. In the case of children, keen observations should be made especially where behavioral changes are noticed.
What constitutes a sex crime?

  • Molestation of minors: Sex Crime Attorney defines it as the act of abusing minors sexually. Minors are any children and teenagers below the age of 18 years. If you are found guilty of sexually abusing anyone in this age bracket, you are looking at a jail sentence of 3-8 years. Should you be convicted, you must register as an offender.
  • According to Sex Crime Attorney Cleveland, child porn constitutes a sex crime. It is considered lewd to perpetrate child pornography. It is a very serious crime. You are committing a crime by distributing pornographic content that involves children. It is also criminal to be in possession of such material. Apart from a lengthy jail term, you could be registered as a sex offender for life.
  • Sex Crime Attorney indicates that prostitution is categorized under lustful behavior. This is an act of having sex in exchange for money. The crime is deemed to have been committed whether you are the one performing the act or receiving it. Both parties can be charged with the offence. Prostitution is categorized under misdemeanors though it can also be lewd behavior. Should you be convicted, you must register as an offender.
  • Exposing oneself indecently constitutes lewd behavior. Sex Crime Attorney advices that in the case of a first time offender, it is treated as misdemeanor. Subsequent exposures become felonies. The maximum penalty for such acts is eight years. Watch out the next time you go sunbathing. If you do this while you are naked, you could be charged under lewd behavior. Even going to urinate in public is treated in a similar fashion.
  • The sex offender registry. Sex Crime Attorney Cleveland instructs citizens to check this register for offenders. Every convicted offender is supposed to register in the sex offenders registry found in his or her state. A person can remain in this registry for a period of 5 years or for life!
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