Avoid Getting Scammed with a Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles Professional

There are many ways that everyday people can get scammed on a day to day basis. One of the scams that has been going around for several years involves drivers forcing you into a collision and then collecting money from the insurance company as a result. But you don’t have to be the victim of one of these scams with help from a car accident lawyer Los Angeles professional. Here are some of the more common collision scams that you should watch out for.

Stop and Swoop

One of the most common collision scams that people fall victim to is the stop and swoop. With this scam, there are typically two drivers involved. One driver pulls in front of you and suddenly stops. The other driver comes up alongside you so you don’t have a chance to go around the car in front of you, which forces you to run into that car. The two drivers then file medical insurance claims that they have documented by fake physicians.


When you are on a freeway and you want to get over to a different lane, a scammer will wave you over so you can get in front of them. But once you start to merge, the driver increases speed and collides with your car. They then deny to the authorities that they waved you in, which means you will be found at fault for the collision.

Reasons for Scams

The biggest and possibly the only reason for pulling these driving scams is to get money. With the help of a car accident lawyer Los Angeles professional, you can have someone fighting for you when you become a victim of one of these scams. When you are found at fault for a collision, your insurance company generally has to pay for the damages and any injuries that are the result. This makes your premiums increase and depending on your driving record, you could even have your policy canceled.

When these scams occur, the people who are involved don’t just get a few hundred dollars for it. These incidences result in paydays of thousands of dollars and they cost insurance companies millions of dollars every year. You can help prevent being a victim by always being an attentive driver and avoiding getting too close to other cars when you are on the roads. With the help of a car accident lawyer Los Angeles professional, you can protect yourself and your financial interests if someone ever tries doing this to you.


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