Should You Consider Hiring a Child Custody Attorney in Centerville OH?

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Legal Services

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Custody battles are not easy to go through, no matter who is pursuing them. When two parents are fighting for custody, it is often the child that goes through the most amount of stress. When someone needs to pursue custody, it is imperative they seek legal help from the child custody attorney in Centerville OH. With the help of an attorney, individuals will better understand the law and will be able to protect their rights as they go through the process.

When Two Parents Cannot Agree

In most cases, the courts would prefer parents to be able to work out their custody agreement, but this is not always possible. When the parents cannot agree, they often need the courts to get involved so the decision can be made for them. It is important each parent is represented by their child custody attorney in Centerville OH. Fighting for custody without legal help can be problematic and could lead to an unfavorable outcome.

Hiring an attorney can make a big difference in the peace of mind a person feels as they are seeking custody of their child. An attorney cannot guarantee any sort of outcome in a custody case, but they will fight for the rights of their client and work to get the best possible outcome for the case.

Options For Custody

When the court system is deciding on a custody case, they are looking to find the parent who is most fit for taking care of the child. There is not always one winning side in a custody case, because a judge could end up ruling on joint custody, which would mean both parents are equally responsible for caring for the child.

An attorney will help their client fully understand the process so they will be prepared for mediation and court. Sometimes, mediation meetings allow the two parents to sit down and talk things out with their attorneys so an agreement can be reached without court intervention.

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