Social Security And The Law

by | Jan 16, 2015 | Attorney

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Since its inception in 1935 the United States federal government has been administering Social Security. Social Security was then and is now a program designed to provide benefits to seniors once they reach the age of legal retirement and those who suffer a physical or mental disability. Social Security law in Missouri focuses on these two distinct groups of beneficiaries. The rules, regulations and laws that are in effect are used by the administration to determine the eligibility of applicants for retirement benefits of disability benefits.

As Social Security focuses on two distinct groups of people it stands to reason that there are laws that apply uniquely to each situation. The laws that apply to retirees are used to ensure they have met the legal age requirement, the law determines the monthly monetary amount, how the payments will be made and where the payments will be delivered.

Social Security law in Missouri is very different for those who have been incapacitated and are claiming benefits for a physical or mental disability prior to reaching the legal retirement age. The laws are very strict and the application process must be followed very closely otherwise the applicant is bound to be denied benefits. The laws go into significant detail on who is eligible, what constitutes disability, what disabilities are covered, etc. In many cases the initial application is denied, the law provides for an appeal mechanism and due to the complexity of the appeals process very few applicants attempt to appeal without the assistance of an attorney skilled in this unique area of law.

Social Security not only provides benefits for retirees and disabled individuals, it also provides what are commonly known as survivor benefits. In the event one spouse who is receiving benefits should die the law mandates when and how the benefits the deceased was getting can be transferred to the surviving spouse. The same law applies to minor children; should one or the other parent dies Social Security will provide some degree of support through the age of majority. Specific proof of the circumstances must be provided to meet the legal statutes.

Social Security has proven to be very helpful to millions but it is a complex area and in the event of any issues with the laws, it is always best to consult with an attorney that has full knowledge, especially those that must file an appeal.
Social Security law in Missouri is extremely complex and proves to be virtually impossible for anyone other than a seasoned attorney to understand and apply. If you are filing for Social Security disability benefits you are welcome to discuss your case with Grundy Disability Group. Visit us at