Social Security Disability Benefits Are Often A Financial Lifeline

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Law

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When someone is injured, or they suffer from an illness that keeps them from working, Social Security disability benefits are often the only source of income; they are the “financial lifeline” that you and your family need as you struggle to recover.

You might think that because you pay into Social Security through FICA contributions that disability benefits would be available when you need them, unfortunately, this is not the case. Making an effective claim can be difficult; an experienced Social Security lawyer in Anaheim can provide significant assistance. If your claim is denied, and the truth is, most are then your lawyer can help you with your appeal.

Don’t hire just any lawyer:

As you most likely know, the law is extremely diverse and as such lawyers must specialize in certain fields. Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be an absolute nightmare for the uninitiated; a seasoned Social Security lawyer in Anaheim knows through years of practice how to prepare and present your case in a timely and well thought out manner. When you are represented, you can rest assured that no details will be overlooked and all documents will be filed in a timely manner.

Applying for Social Security disability benefits:

Once approved, Social Security benefits are paid every month, either on a long term basis or permanent. Benefits are only paid if the disability is total, anyone that is partially disabled or the disability is expected to last less than a year will not be approved.

When you first consult with a Social Security lawyer in Anaheim, he or she will want to know:

  • What is the medical condition that stops you from working?
  • When did the condition first start?
  • What are the results of tests you have had?
  • Have you received treatment, if so what?

With information of this nature, your Social Security lawyer can help prepare a meaningful claim and represent you in the event the claim is denied.

If you are disabled and unable to work, you should consider hiring a Social Security lawyer in Anaheim and applying for disability benefits. For a free evaluation of your claim, you are invited to contact The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.