When to Hire a Drunk Driving Attorney in Geneva, IL

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Attorney

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With the help of a drunk driving attorney in Geneva, IL, personal injury claims can help clients recover money from medical bills, burial expenses, and property damage. In fact, most claims result in extra monies for pain and suffering, anguish, loss of wages and possible future earnings.

Remember to not worry if you cannot afford to pay a car accident lawyer after a drunk driver has hit you. Most lawyers will not accept money until the case has been won or an agreement has been reached. Does carpooling reduce the number of drunk drivers? In Illinois, where many people turn to the free market for solutions, many hope that car-sharing services like Uber and Lyft will help prevent these situations.

Carpooling or getting a cab saves lives

Options like Uber and Lyft have managed to save countless lives already. Or, at least, sharing trips has had a positive impact on drunk driving statistics so far. Uber and the MADD association have teamed up to investigate Uber’s effects on alcohol-induced management rates across the country.

After bringing a more affordable application to market, experts witnessed a 10% decline in alcohol use. It may not look like much, but its effect is more widespread than it seems. For example, demand for Uber services peaks at the same time alcohol-related accidents often occur.

More importantly, drunk driving numbers have begun to diminish. In Illinois, there were 40 fewer cases of such collisions a month among young drivers. In a survey, 80% of young people said they were less likely to drive drunk, while 93% said they would recommend Uber to a friend who is drunk.

Call a friend

What if you are the one who has drunk too much but you do not have money for a taxi? Do not be ashamed to pick up your cell and call family or friends until you find someone who can pick you up. If you don’t do so, the next phone call could be to a drunk driving attorney in Geneva, IL after being arrested.

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