The Difference between Accepting a Settlement and Contacting an Accident Attorney in Baltimore

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Lawyers

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After a car accident, the person at fault would be responsible for covering the expenses of the victims of the accident. Most of the time, this is handled through an insurance company. The insurance company typically offers a settlement to the victims in the hopes that the victim will accept a low settlement and the case can be closed. The victim, however, can contact an accident attorney in Baltimore to ensure they are receiving an adequate settlement.

Accepting the Insurance Settlement

Most people simply accept the insurance settlement. They may hear an offer of $10,000 and think it’s a fantastic deal for the accident they’re in. Unfortunately, it’s only a fantastic deal for the insurance company. For example, they may need to cover $7,000 in medical bills, $3,000 in car repair bills, and $2,000 for the wages they didn’t make while they were recovering. The settlement is only going to cover $10,000, so they’re going to need to pay the remaining $2,000 out of their own pocket.

Contacting an Accident Attorney

If the person receives a settlement offer, they don’t have to accept it. They can contact an accident attorney instead. The attorney may be able to negotiate a higher amount from the insurance company. Instead of accepting a $10,000 settlement, they may end up with a $14,000 settlement. This means it will cover all of their expenses outlined above plus $2,000 for legal expenses. They won’t have to pay any accident-related expenses out of their own pocket, and the settlement will include the attorney’s fees so they won’t have to pay the attorney either. They’ll end up with an adequate settlement and won’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay for anything.

These are just random numbers meant to show the difference an accident attorney in Baltimore can make. Accidents that result in more serious injuries may be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars after adding all the medical bills, which means that accepting a settlement quickly will make a huge difference in the amount of money the person will have to pay out of pocket. The victim should never have to pay out of pocket for their own expenses. Instead, they should take a look at website domain and see what a difference hiring a lawyer can be.