The Judge Returns: A Judy Justice Court Session

In 1972, Judge Judy Sheidlin became a lawyer. She was fierce, winning against well-known opponent lawyers. 10 years later in 1982, her reputation, work ethic, and drive landed her in a judge’s position. She quickly rose to a supervising judge in 1986, only four years later.

You may remember Judge Judy from television. She was witty, forward, and just. Judge Judy is famous worldwide for settling civil complaints and cases. After Judge Judy was canceled, many fans were saddened. They felt that they would never get to see the judge in action again. Luckily, a Judy Justice court session is back with her new show and fans are obsessed.

Small Claims and Civil Disputes

A Judy Justice court session brings back the laughter, the shock, and the dismay. Judge Judy will listen to each complaint, ask for receipts and evidence, and then allow both the plaintiff and defendant to rebuttal their case. As with a small court claims case, Judge Judy hears both sides and their disputes.

But what everyone loves about a good Judy Justice court session is Judy’s ability to ask fiery questions in the heat of the moment. The new episodes will shock you.

It Is Not All Business as Usual

In small claims court, the majority of complaints are money and business related. A Judy Justice court session involves disputes over pets, romance, rent, and other small petty items. It makes the show interesting. Instead of watching a business owner argue with another business owner, you get to see the nitty, the gritty, and the dirty with petty disputes.

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