Defendants Should Fully Vet an Attorney before Hiring

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Criminal Law

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Sometimes overlooked by defendants is the importance of building a professional relationship with their criminal law attorney in Ottawa County in which they feel at ease. Being uncomfortable with your attorney can lead to possible miscommunication during sensitive times in a trial, so the importance of being able to speak freely and honestly with an attorney cannot be understated. Not only does this prevent future problems, but it can also help to relieve personal stress for a defendant through the duration of a court trial.

Often, people who have been charged with a crime may be frightened and not thinking as clearly as they might normally. In desperation, they may place their case and faith in the first lawyer they see without paying attention to details regarding the lawyer’s capacity to best serve them, not to mention whether or not they feel comfortable with her. People who have been charged with a crime should consider asking several questions during an initial phone consultation before going forward to fully evaluate a case.

Professional attorneys will not mind answering questions about the length of time they have been practicing law as a defense lawyer, whether or not they were ever prosecutors, how familiar they are with local courts and judges, as well as the kinds of fees that they charge. Other pertinent questions that should be asked include specific inquiries regarding the process that is likely to unfold in court, what kinds of defense strategies a particular criminal law attorney in Ottawa County might put to use in one’s defense, and whether or not he or she has specific experience with the criminal charge in question.

It is important for a person charged with a crime not only to ask all the right questions, but to act on the responses. If the attorney is unwilling to answer questions, or is elusive and directs the conversation elsewhere, it is probably not going to work out for the defendant. There is no harm done in finding another attorney with whom one is better suited, and a defendant is under no moral or legal obligation to hire an attorney with whom he consults.

No matter what one has been charged with, being able to trust one’s legal counsel makes a significant difference as one proceeds through the legal process. Knowing that one’s criminal law attorney in Ottawa County is an experienced and knowledgeable professional, and understanding how one’s particular defense is going to be approached, encourages both an honest exchange of information as well as an alleviation of stress on the part of the defendant during critical moments in the legal process.