Compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Accident Attorney

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Car accidents happen every hour of every day, many are simple little fender benders where the drivers exchange details and the insurance companies attend to the damages. Little accidents like this rarely result in an injury of any sort, so there is rarely a need for a car accident attorney in East Orange NJ.

The other end of the spectrum is where the accident is caused by negligence on the part of the other driver and there are injuries as a result. In a case like this you may want to hire the services of a car accident attorney in East Orange NJ. The need for an attorney is very important when the injuries sustained to either you or any passengers that were in the car at the time, are serious. If there were broken bones, herniated disks in your back or head trauma that may result in permanent brain damage, you have the potential of being awarded a substantial amount of money as compensation.

The greater the damage the greater the compensation, the insurance companies are well aware of this. If the accident was of such magnitude that you may never work again, or at least not at the same job, then they will make every effort to settle with you before your lawyer gets involved. The insurance company knows from experience that when the accident has recently happened that they have the best chance of suggesting a settlement that you may take because it will at least cover your immediate medical bills and lost wages for a fixed period of time.

If you were accept an offer of this kind form the insurance company without any representation from a car accident attorney in East Orange NJ, you will get far less in the way of compensation than you would with him representing you.

The attorney knows from years of experience that the initial effects of the accident often camouflage what will turn out to be long term effects. If the accident resulted in the loss of a limb, that is one thing and it is visible. If the accident resulted in brain trauma that was considered mild at the time turn out to be worse than expected, this needs to be fully compensated for.

The attorney, as well as analyzing the insurance policy of both the negligent party and yourself, will gather information from witnesses, police reports, photographs from the scene and any other information that will stand up in court. After talking to the doctors and therapists, the attorney will have a good idea of what the long term prognosis is and he will suggest a settlement. It is at this time the case is either settled out of court or your car accident attorney in East Orange NJ will put the facts in front of a jury.