Hurt in an Accident? Call One of the Accident Attorneyes in Carbondale

by | Aug 16, 2013 | Accident Attorney

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Automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. People hear the worlds whiplash and they think that it’s an injury that people will easily recover from. Unfortunately that’s not the case. After an accident a person might feel a little stiff and think that they are okay. They might even say that to the doctor at the emergency room. However, within a day or two, they may start to have terrible headaches and a stiff neck. If that accident was caused by another driver who was drinking or texting, it’s time for them to contact one of the Accident Attorneys in Carbondale. The injured driver is entitled to damages to pay for medical expenses and lost wages.

Once the symptoms of whiplash begin, they can become much more severe. The person might have pain that radiates down their arm. It may become so severe that they can no longer use their hand. Because the injured person waited several days to report the pain, the insurance company for the negligent driver will argue that the accident didn’t cause the injury. The sooner that the injured person hires one of the Accident Attorneys in Carbondale, the easier they can counter this argument.

A personal injury lawyer will hire medical experts to review the injured person’s medical records. They will prove that they were fine prior to the accident and that nothing after the accident could have caused the symptoms. One of the Accident Attorneys in Carbondale will put together the facts in a compelling manner to link the accident and the injuries. They they will show that the other driver was negligent. It’s easy to get access to phone records to prove that the person was texting when the accident occurred. They’ll look at the blood tests to determine if the negligent driver was taking drugs or had drunk too much. Once the insurance company representing the negligent driver understands that the injured person has one of the Accident Attorneys in Carbondale that won’t quit. They may offer to settle out of court. While it is important to get the settlement quickly, the lawyers will make sure that their client gets the amount they deserve.