Doctors to Be Held Liable in Nanuet Wrongful Death Cases

by | Jan 23, 2013 | Legal Services

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While the Hippocratic Oath begins with “do no harm”, it’s unfortunately not always the case. Most always we go to the doctor or hospital with sickness and they treat us and help us recover. Even in those worst case scenarios when just visiting the doctor at his or her office isn’t enough and we end up in a hospital we have every faith that we will recover. Unfortunately that isn’t always the way things turn out. With the extremes being done in health care coverage’s to limit as much as possible hospital stays after procedures and surgeries sometimes it can cost a price too high for any family to pay. In those cases where a family loses a loved one nothing can be done to right that wrong again, but by bringing a Nanuet wrongful death case against the perpetrators one can be assured the disaster will not be repeated.

A Nanuet wrongful death case that is being tried against a doctor will likely keep that doctor from being able to see additional patients and certainly can alert others of the potential risk they are taking. Unsuspecting patients have a right to know that the doctor they are putting their faith in has acted with gross negligence of the very worst kind with the absolute worst results. This can cause the doctor to be under review or even suspended from the hospital they practice out of which can save any other patient of his from ending up with the same fate as your loved one.

As an individual who went to the doctor in good faith and consequently succumbed to the treatments that the doctor prescribed you have every right to believe that what he was doing was going to make your loved one well, not damage or hurt them. In under no circumstances could you have known that what was being done, or not done would result in your loved ones death. As a result of your trust in the doctor and these institutions it turned out to be misplaced trust and you are due compensation for having been lied to and duped in this way, which is why there are Nanuet wrongful death cases.
When individuals and families who are in the position to stand up for themselves and the loved one they lost come out on top in cases involving Nanuet wrongful death it stands as a message of hope for others who have suffered a similar loss.