What Can a Gilbert Divorce Attorney Do for You?

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Legal Services

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Since the year 1960 the divorce rate in the United States has more than doubled and this means that the demand for a Gilbert divorce attorney has doubled, too. If you are currently battling with a divorce then you should think about working with a Gilbert divorce attorney who can handle things in a professional manner. With a professional on-hand to assist you, you may not even have to attend court and because they are familiar with the system, they will be able to get a favorable outcome whether it is related to child custody, alimony or asset division. If you find a Gilbert divorce attorney with the following skills you can rest assured that everything will be handled accordingly.

The Preliminary Investigation

Before the Gilbert divorce attorney can get the ball rolling, he or she will need to conduct a preliminary investigation. During this time the lawyer will meet with you, the client, to talk about the details surrounding the separation. For example, the attorney may ask you if you have kids and shared investments with your spouse. With this information the divorce attorney can determine whether or not you have valid grounds for divorce and if so, whether there is a good chance of your goals being met. Bear in mind that state laws vary; therefore you should ask the attorney to give you an overview of the divorce procedure to avoid confusion.

Filing the Summons

Once the Gilbert divorce attorney has discussed your needs following divorce, he or she will file the summons. The summons is essential for the commencement of divorce and in order to do this, the lawyer must locate an appropriate court. Legal documents will then be filed with the courts and the courts will pass the information on to the spouse. After this, you must wait for the spouse to respond to the claims noted on the summons and if he or she has any defenses, they will then be presented.

Resolving Matters

Sometimes, a Gilbert divorce attorney will have it easy, because there will be no disputes or arguments that need resolving. However, this is very rare due to the fact that most married couples have personal and financial affairs to deal with during divorce. You need not worry about resolving matters when you hire an attorney, because the legal professional will handle disputes whether they are focused on spousal support, child custody, child support or division of assets. Trials or hearings may take place afterward if the spouse continues to disagree.

Because a Gilbert divorce attorney is relied on to juggle various tasks, it is essential that they maintain experience in this particular field of law. When you meet with a lawyer make sure you ask him or her about their ability to handle both contested and non-contested divorces. By visiting aslamylaw.com you can protect the rights of your children and get valuable advice relating to the final settlement of divorce.