Why Employees May Hire a Workers Comp Turnersville Lawyer

by | May 2, 2012 | Lawyers

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Many times when an employee is injured or becomes ill because of some incident or condition at work, they will file for workers comp benefits.  However, there are some cases where it may be wise for an employee to hire a workers comp Turnersville lawyer first.

Why Worker’s Comp Has a Bad Reputation
There has been a lot of bad press surrounding workers comp over the last few years.  This has lead many employees to be weary when filing for workers comp.  Workers comp is a no fault system which means if you’re injured during work time you don’t have to prove who was at fault.

Many ask why an employee would hire a workers comp Turnersville lawyer if it’s a no fault system.  There are several reasons why someone may feel they need an attorney during this process.

Why Hiring a Workers Comp Turnersville Lawyer May Be Necessary
An employee may have been seriously injured or died because of work and the spouse is worried about their financial future and wants information on all benefits to which they are entitled.  Many times an employee who has been injured feels that their benefits are not being provided or at least not in the amount they feel they are entitled to.

In some cases when an employee applies for benefits and a claims professional is rude or accusatory to them, they may feel the need to call an attorney.  This is a very common reason why employees seek out workers comp Turnersville attorneys.

If a claims specialist is courteous to an employee who is filing and pays them their benefits that are owed in a timely manner, then the use of an attorney can usually be avoided.

How to Hire a Worker’s Comp Attorney
If an employee is seeking out benefits and they feel they need an attorney to assist in the process then they should always seek out the very best lawyer for their individual needs.  It’s important to look at an attorney’s credentials before hiring them.

First you want to find a lawyer who is an expert in the field of worker’s comp.  Don’t hire a general trial lawyer for these cases.  You also want to hire a lawyer with at least five years of experience in worker’s comp cases.  Hiring someone fresh out of law school or with little to no experience may hurt your filing process.

Lastly, make sure the lawyer you hire has been successful with their past clients in getting them their worker’s comp benefits.  Again, hiring the very best attorney who has the right knowledge, experience and proven track record will get you your benefits much faster than if you file alone.