Is he/she the right one? Questions to ask your real estate lawyer

by | May 3, 2012 | Real Estate Law

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So your Realtor has finally found you the right property in Mooresville NC or the surrounding area. You love it – it’s just what you were looking for. So what’s next? Well, before you run out and cut a cheque, you need a good real estate lawyer in Mooresville, NC to help with the closing process.

This article lists a series of questions that you should ask your real estate lawyer in Mooresville, NC before you hire him/her to represent you.

Qualifications – is s/he qualified to practice law in your community?

Many a lawyer may say they will take your case, but you need to be sure that the one you select is a qualified real estate lawyer in Mooresville, NC. Documentation prepared or advice given by unlicensed individuals might not be sufficient grounds to safeguard your rights, if there are issues discovered subsequently. However, an erroneous, malicious or fraudulent transaction by a licensed, qualified and insured real estate lawyer in Mooresville, NC could provide you some degree of safeguards. The State or National bar associations’ websites are great resources to confirm your lawyer’s credentials.

Experience – how long has s/he been practicing law in your community?

If your property is located in Mooresville or nearby, then ideally you want a good real estate lawyer in Mooresville, NC and not from somewhere else to represent you. State, municipal, city and local laws and by-laws differ from region to region. Real estate lawyers practicing in your community for at least 10 years will be intimately familiar with all the nuances of the law applicable to your community. And that’s the kind of experience you want working for you.

Diversity of services – What are the types of services s/he can offer you?

Ideally, the real estate lawyer in Mooresville, NC that you select should be a full-service provider. You should not have to consult with multiple lawyers to complete the entire transaction. Check if your real estate lawyer in Mooresville, NC can:
1. help you comprehend various clauses of your purchase contract
2. make sure your property does not have any liens, easements or covenants against it
3. assist in preparing, reviewing and registering all the legal paperwork required of this particular transaction
4. has ties with lenders in the community to arrange financing, if you so desire it
5. work with insurance brokers and companies to get you the appropriate title insurance protections you need to safeguard your interests in case of defects to the title
6. work with your Realtor, mortgage broker, banker and the sellers agents to ensure smooth passing of title to your name

Only once you are satisfied that your real estate lawyer in Mooresville, NC has provided satisfactory answers to these questions should you hire them.


Honesty, diligence and experience are what our clients can expect from a real estate lawyer Mooresville, NC at The Lake Law Office, PLLC who represents you.