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by | May 7, 2012 | Accident Attorney

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Like anywhere else in the country, the state of Virginia has its fair share of car accidents that result in injuries, disabilities and regrettably sometimes loss of life. If you or a friend or relative are in this unfortunate situation, call the best car accident lawyer in Fredericksburg, VA that you can find. But the big question is always – who will that be? The information below is meant to shed some light on a few of the points to look for when searching for a good car accident lawyer in Fredericksburg, VA to look after your interests.

Qualifications in law are an extremely important point to review if you want someone to provide you great legal advice. For one thing, look for a car accident lawyer in Fredericksburg, VA who is qualified to practice in the Virginia State bar. Also, since Virginia state does not run a certification program, you must ensure the person you are looking at is a certified Civil Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Without these certifications you car accident lawyer in Fredericksburg, VA may likely not be able to represent your interests adequately.

Any lawyer of repute will always offer you a free consultation, before agreeing to represent you. If your car accident lawyer in Fredericksburg, VA is reliable and trustworthy, they too should extend you a similar courtesy. Go fully prepared for this session, and use this opportunity to ask all the questions you need to. If the lawyer refuses to provide you answers to certain questions, or if you feel they are being vague, especially around fees and the chances of success, then perhaps you should take your business elsewhere. A lawyer who does not give you a “warm and fuzzy” feeling after this consultation is likely not appropriate for you.

As a victim in the car accident, whether you are a pedestrian or whether your car was hit by another car, you are likely dealing with several other issues, including recovery from injuries, possible lost wages, and extensive damage to your vehicle. You therefore do not want to add to that pile the worry about how you will pay for your car accident lawyer in Fredericksburg, VA. Ideally therefore, a good lawyer to engage would be one who charges his fee on a contingent fee basis. This means you don’t pay for his/her time unless s/he wins your case. There will likely be costs for out-op-pocket expenses you will need to cover.

Your car accident lawyer in Fredericksburg, VA should have lots of experience handling cases specific to your situation. However, the broader his/her range of experience the better their ability is to represent you vigorously. Look for a lawyer that has handled Car, Motorcycle, Truck accidents, Dog bite cases, Medical malpractice suites, ATV, 3-wheeler and four wheeler accidents as well.


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