What Should You Ask Personal Injury Lawyers in Honolulu?

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Law And Lawyers

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Personal injury lawyers in Honolulu are available to help injured victims find peace of mind and obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries and damages. Pursuing an insurance company or lawsuit alone is usually not easy. When serious injuries have occurred, it is important a victim knows the right questions to ask their lawyer so they can be ready for the case.

What Questions Should Be Asked at the Consultation?

Meeting with personal injury lawyers in Honolulu for a consultation appointment will allow the victim to learn more about their rights and legal options. The more information a person has, the better equipped they will be to make sound decisions related to their injury claim. The following are the most important questions the victim should plan on asking their lawyer.

* Will it be difficult proving liability? The lawyer should be able to tell their client whether or not they have a viable claim that can be proven in court.

* How much is the claim worth? An injured victim needs to know how much their claim is worth so they can make the right decisions when it comes to settlement offers.

* What are the legal options? A lawyer can offer much more than pursuing a lawsuit. There are many ways injury cases can be settled, and they do not always involve court intervention.

* What are the laws regarding the case? Each state has its own laws for the statute of limitations and pursuing compensation. A lawyer should be able to inform their client of these laws.

* What is the expected timeline of events in the case? Although the lawyer cannot offer a guarantee, they should be able to offer an approximate timeline of events that will occur.

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