Why You Need to Contact an Attorney When an Elderly Loved One is Abused

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Law And Lawyers

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Do you suspect that an elderly family member is being neglected? Perhaps, you have noticed unexplained bruises or an unusual change in their behavior. Especially, when their caregiver is around them or since they have entered a long-term healthcare facility. If so, you should immediately contact an elder neglect attorney if you believe or have proof an aging sibling, spouse, or parent is being abused or neglected by the trusted health caregivers hired to care for them.

Reasons to Consult an Elderly Abuse Lawyer

  • They specialize in law pertaining neglect and abuse of an elderly person.
  • An elder neglect attorney can help determine if a loved one is a victim of abuse or neglect of their medical facility or in-home caregiver.
  • A lawyer will know how to collect the evidence require to support your claim to legally hold the responsible party for their actions.
  • They have access to impartial experts that can review your information and any evidence presented.
  • Their primary focus is to help the elderly individual to receive justice for the neglect and abuse they sustained.
  • They can offer emotional support for you and your loved one during a very sensitive time.

Do Not Delay in Scheduling an Appointment

With the limited resources available, it can be challenging for local or state authorities to prosecute a long-term medical facility for elderly abuse or neglect. Fortunately, Ed Dudensing Attorney at Law offers the services you require to gather the vital information you need to hold the facility or caregiver responsible for their actions. In addition to bringing the neglect and abuse to light with the Department of Public Health that can lead to the nursing home being heavily fined if sufficient evidence is presented against the facility.