Your Condominium and Apartment Property Attorney

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Lawyers

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Any association of homeowners whether from apartments, townhomes or condominiums needs legal guidance to inform their real estate policies and actions. Your expertise does not necessarily provide you information that may protect you legally. Interaction with other homeowners and tenants do have legal ramifications.

That’s where we can help you at Keough & Moody.

We at Keough & Moody provide legal advice and services that protect the association’s continued interest to protect and grow its members in Illinois. We’ve had the pleasure of serving our community in Chicagoland covering not just condominiums and homeowner’s associations but also not-for-profit corporations, businesses and financial institutions.

We’re more than your condo attorney.

We represent hundreds of associations throughout the State of Illinois that we’ve become somewhat of an institution to those we serve, providing practical, cost-effective guidance and advice on matters of debt collection, compliance and governance. This also includes the writing of contracts, document amendments and both preparation and litigation.

We are a team to serve your needs. We’ve worked closely with the board of directors from different associations, property management, staff and vendors protecting the interests of our clients. This service has allowed us to build long term relationships that have continued on to this day.

Our service entails working closely together with our clients in putting together policies and procedures that protect their interests and assets, fostering the growth of their businesses together.

We also look over these policies and provide reviews and propose revisions to these documents and contracts that allow for a profitable relationship and successful governance, if you find our services as a property and condo attorney.