Dinged with a DUI in Knoxville

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Legal Services

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So you got a DUI in Knoxville. Is there anything you can do to limit the damage? Do you feel like you were given a DUI incorrectly, or that your rights were infringed upon? There may be something you can do to reduce the sentence after a DUI is issued. You’ll have an opportunity to fight for your rights and make the case that you don’t deserve the most severe punishments. But you’ll have to do it right and get experienced help if you want to be successful in your battle.

Rights Violations

One of the most common arguments made by people in Knoxville who are facing DUI charges is to state that they were given a breathalyzer test at an inopportune time. Did you know that you can test over the legal alcohol limit if you take a breathalyzer test right after having one sip of wine or beer? Because breathalyzers are liable to such inaccuracies, you have a right to deny the breathalyzer at the point when you’re pulled over. You can ask to wait 20 minutes, or you can ask to be taken to the station for a blood test, which is much more accurate.

Of course, most people who get DUIs in Knoxville don’t know any of this information until they’ve already taken the breathalyzer. They assume that because they didn’t drink much at all, they’ll pass and be let go. All too often, this leads to an inaccurate blood alcohol level reading and a DUI that is not deserved. You can make the case that you were not actually drunk when pulled over, but you have to know about it and the details of the law in order to do it successfully during your DUI hearing.

Need a Lawyer?

The next question you should ask yourself is whether or not you need a lawyer to get through your DUI hearing. In Knoxville, it’s not uncommon to hire a lawyer who is experienced in DUI cases if you’re facing a DUI hearing. In fact, there are plenty of good DUI lawyers in the area that can at least meet with you for a free consultation, to see if your case warrants the expertise of a DUI lawyer.

In the end, a DUI can be a huge problem. You are better off fighting the charges and getting a reduced sentence than letting it go and dealing with the consequences. The best thing to do is avoid getting a DUI in Knoxville by not driving drunk.

For help with DUI charges in Knoxville, contact the experienced legal team at SWC Law Firm. You’ll be in good hands and you’ll have the best chance of getting through the DUI case relatively unscathed.