Factors to Think Of When Looking For an Order of Protection Attorney Smithtown NY

by | Jun 3, 2013 | Family Law and Divorce

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One can issue an order of protection against you in a criminal or family court. Although there are certain similarities in both orders, the rules are slightly different considering that family court deals with family members, spouses and couples while the criminal court handles matters arising out of criminal acts. You need to consider all these factors when looking for a suitable Order of Protection Attorney Smithtown, NY has in practice.

A common mistake many people make is to hire a prominent law firm as opposed to a lawyer. While it is generally assumed that bigger law firms stand a better chance at winning a case as compared to private practicing lawyers, this is not entirely true. A private attorney always has a direct engagement with the plaintiff making it easier to comprehend the problem.

The practice in a bigger firm is slightly different. When you assign them a case, they sit down as a firm and find a lawyer who is free to handle the matter. This lawyer may not even have special interest in such cases. In many instances, you might even have different lawyers appearing for you on different occasions. That way, you could easily lose the case because no one will pay the serious attention as a private Order of Protection Attorney Smithtown NY would do to have the issue resolved.

A reliable Order of Protection Attorney Smithtown NY should always have a personal interest in your case. Family court is a sensitive court because it mostly deals with people who have relationships and reaching a decision that favors all the parties is not always easy. To handle family court cases, a lawyer needs to have compassion because sometimes arbitrary decisions may even affect the plaintiff negatively. If you have been arrested and charged for DWI or DUI in Smithtown, NY.

It is advisable to look at the portfolio of the Order of Protection Attorney Smithtown NY you choose to deal with. It takes some experience especially when handling family court matters. Besides the legal knowledge you get upon graduation, there is always a personal touch that a Smithtown Family Court Attorney who understands family matters adds to such matters. A very rigid lawyer may only complicate matters further.

Think of situations where a divorce case is underway and there are children to take care of. Such situations get too complex. In most cases of this sort, deciding on child custody and their support may turn out a very big challenge.