Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney in Mobile, AL

If a person is in an auto accident, they should hire a lawyer. A good accident attorney can help clients recover accident-related losses, and they can cut through a bureaucratic red tape that’s commonly associated with accident claims. By knowing when to hire an attorney, clients can protect their legal rights and get the compensation they deserve.

Why People need Accident Attorneys

Car accidents are an unpleasant fact of life, and most U.S. personal injury claims arise as the result of accidents. Most accidents only result in minor damage, and can often be handled through the drivers’ respective insurance companies. However, accidents involving severe damage, injury or death should be handled by an auto accident attorney in Mobile, AL. These legal professionals can help clients recover losses such as medical bills and lost income.

Criteria for Accident Lawyers

Auto accident lawyers cover issues such as personal injury, property destruction, liability and wrongful death. When a person looks for an accident attorney, they should focus on the lawyer’s skill, experience, location, and fees. Attorneys should know state and local transport laws, and they should comfortably deal with insurers and healthcare providers.

When Clients should hire an Attorney

It is advisable to hire an attorney as soon as possible after an accident. Personal injury claim deadlines vary by state, and because a client may need to make up for lost wages and medical expenses, it’s best to hire representation early on.

Questions to Ask

Before consulting an attorney, the client should assemble as much information about the accident as they can. Documents such as policy papers, driver information exchanges and medical records can help clients prove their cases. Below are some questions to ask an attorney:

• How many accident cases are handled here?

• Does the firm handle similar injury cases?

• What’s the typical settlement amount for a similar case?

• Will the same lawyer always handle the case?


Most accident cases are handled on a contingency fee basis; the client doesn’t pay unless the attorney is successful. If the client is successful, the attorney can get up to 40% of the total award. However, state rules vary. Attorney’s fees are billed separately, and clients may have to pay certain costs out of pocket. If a client needs to learn about his or her claim, or wants a free evaluation from an auto accident attorney in Mobile, AL, they can visit the website.

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