On The Job Injury? Contact a Construction Accidents Attorney

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Accident Attorney

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Most any job has its risks. Employees are expected to assume that risk and follow rules, regulations, and policies to minimize those risks. Some jobs are associated with a increased risk of injury. Many careers in the construction industry require the operation of heavy equipment. Even if all policies and regulations are followed there is still considerable risk of injury. Ill maintained equipment, poor working conditions, and personal judgment can increase these risks. While an employee must be made aware of the risks they face on the job, they must be reasonable protected from these risks. If an employee is made to work under conditions that present an unreasonable risk and they are injured, that employee has the right to demand reasonable compensation for their injuries.

Construction industry employees that have been injured on the job should contact a Construction Accidents Attorney right away. It’s important that the attorney has all the information that can be had before taking legal action. The outcome of such as case depends on the diagnosis of the injuries, the direct cause of the injuries, and the liability of the employer. If it is found that the employee was injured due their own fault the case will not yield the desired results. Cases involving injuries on the job can be complicated. Because there are risks associated with construction jobs it can easily be argued that the employee did not follow policies or somehow caused the accident themselves. This argument would be difficult to refute based on the very nature of the construction industry.

With the help of an attorney such as James E. Hitchcock employees in the construction industry can fight for their right to fair and reasonable compensation for on the job injuries. Individuals who suffer injuries on the job have the right to worker’s compensation benefits, which cover most or all of the cost of medical treatment. However, extensive medical care and loss of income are not covered by worker’s compensation. With the help of an attorney individuals suffering from on the job injuries and secure compensation for extended medical care and lost income. You can follow them on Google+.