How a Practitioner of Personal Injury Law in Twin Falls, ID Assists Clients

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Legal

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A practitioner of personal injury law in Twin Falls, ID nearly always settles cases out of court unless the amount at stake is extremely high. Both plaintiffs and defendants typically prefer settling so they don’t have to deal with the expense and long time frame involved with litigation. They also don’t want to hand over the case to the unpredictable nature of judges and juries.

Claim Delays and Disputes

Sometimes, a claim is disputed because the person filed the claim much later than the stated injury occurred. This is relatively common because the seriousness of an injury is often not obvious immediately. Someone who falls or is in a car that is struck from behind may not experience painful symptoms for several days. This individual probably assumes the discomfort will fade but, instead, it turns into a chronic condition. Most people do not expect that a seemingly minor incident will lead to a serious injury.

Financial compensation is important if the person is unable to work and if all medical expenses are not covered by health insurance. A practitioner of personal injury law in Twin Falls, ID will estimate the amount of compensation that should be paid and will send this information to the liable insurance company.

Free Consultations

Organizations such as Gariepy Law Offices provide free consultations so injured men and women can find out whether they have a good case. In some instances, the people seeking information have already received a settlement offer and are unsure if they should accept it or request additional funds. If the disputed dollar amount is relatively small, they generally are better off accepting it. However, if the settlement offer is short by thousands of dollars, hiring a lawyer may be advantageous. These individuals should not hesitate to contact an attorney’s office to schedule an appointment.

Understanding Defense Strategies

Lawyers understand the different types of defenses insurance companies use against settlement requests. That gives them the ability to craft persuasive communications that are effective in gaining a favorable outcome for the client. Settling out of court brings the client compensation relatively quickly so they can move forward with life.