Reviewing the Steps for Obtaining a Bailbond in Oklahoma City

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Legal Services

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In Oklahoma, criminal defendants are arrested when officers witness them committing a crime or when probable cause is present. After the arrest, the defendants are advised of their rights. Among these rights are accessibility to legal representation. Additionally, if the court approves them for bail, the defendant has access to a bail bondsman to obtain a release from jail. A local bondsman provides a bailbond in Oklahoma City for these defendants.

Contacting the Court Clerk

The criminal court clerk acquires information about each defendant that is arrested and booked. These details include the full name of the defendant, their booking information, and the exact charge applied to them. When acquiring a bail bond, the defendant or their representative must acquire this information to start the process.

What the Bail Bondsman Expects

The bail bondsman requires at least a percentage of the bail in order to provide a bail bond. The percentage that applies typically is 10% of the total bail value assigned by the judge. However, select bondsmen may require up to 14%. The bondsman provides the exact value after reviewing the defendant’s information.

How to Pay for the Bond

The bond is paid cash in most cases. However, a bonding agent may accept debit, credit cards, or checks. If the cash isn’t available, the representative could use accepted collateral. They can provide the bonding agent with a deed or title for property that is valued higher than the bail bond.

Failure to Appear in Court

At any time that a criminal defendant doesn’t appear in court, the bond is forfeited. The judge issues a bench warrant for the defendant due to a failure to appear. This warrant allows law enforcement to arrest the defendant immediately. In most cases, the defendant cannot acquire bail again.

In Oklhaoma, criminal defendants may acquire a release from the county jail based on the judge’s approval for bail. Once they are arraigned, the defendant can seek a bail bond to get released. Defendants or their representatives who need to acquire a bailbond in Oklahoma City can get more information about the process now.