What You Should Know About Social Security Benefits In Hemet, CA

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Legal Services

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In California, disabled individuals qualify for social security disability benefits based on qualifying conditions. Once they are approved, they receive monthly benefits based on several related factors. In addition, the social security disability benefits, they receive Medicaid insurance based on their age. A local attorney provides assistance with claimants seeking Social Security Benefits in Hemet CA.

Filing an Application

The first step for the claimant is to file an application with their regional Social Security Administration. The agency reviews applications as they arrive. The application must identify a qualifying condition and provide details about doctors that provided treatment. The claimant must provide details about how the condition stops them from working.

Qualifying Conditions and Evidence

A qualifying condition prevents the claimant from working in any industry. It can be either mental or physical. The condition must stop the claimant from qualifying for positions that allow them to support themselves financially. They provide medical records that start with the day they were diagnosed. Their records must show a condition that isn’t controlled entirely by the current course of treatment. It must present a debilitating state that stops the individual to work regularly.

Income Levels and Previous Employment

SSI requires the individual to provide proof of any income for their household. If the claimant is an adult, they must provide information pertaining to income of other members of their household. If they are a child, their parents must provide information about their income. The value of their payments is based on the total income of their household.

SSDI requires the individual to present evidence showing why they can no longer work. If approved, they receive disability payments based on how long they worked previously. The SSA will review their employment records to arrive at the available value.

In California, disabled individuals qualify for social security benefits based on the program they select. There are two primary programs for disabled individuals. Supplemental Security Income is available for individuals who have never worked. Social Security Disability Insurance is available for individuals who have worked previously. Claimants who want to learn more about Social Security Benefits in Hemet CA can visit us right now.