What Does a Business Lawyer Do?

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Legal Services

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You have probably seen ads for or even know of some business lawyers Bethesda, but have you ever thought about what they do? If you own your own business, business lawyers in Bethesda can be an excellent addition to your company. They can help you with many things from hiring and terminations to writing out contracts and more. Before you go about hiring a business lawyer, it is very important for you to understand some of the things they do and how they differ from other types of attorneys out there.

How Does One Become a Business Lawyer?
In order to become a business lawyer, a person must complete an undergraduate program that is typically 4 years long and further go on to law school, which is typically another 4 years. You can be sure that any business lawyer you choose will have above average intelligence. After all, getting into law school is not easy! Once they finish law school, they will need to take and pass an exam known as the state bar examinations. Someone who wishes to practice business law will need to specifically study the laws that oversee business practices of all kinds. Once they pass this test, they will be licensed to practice law.

This is What a Business Lawyer Does…
In their day to day practice, a business lawyer may find that they are doing any number of things for small businesses and non-profits. Some of the specifics are:

Compliance – Business lawyers help companies by making sure they remain compliant when it comes to laws and regulations. If a business owner has been found doing wrong, a business lawyer can also step in and help to make things right.

Licenses – All businesses will need some type of license and a business lawyer can help you to determine what type of license or legal documents you will need to run your company.

Employee Relations – The hiring and firing of employees can get many companies into hot water. Unless you have a trained business lawyer on your side, you may be making mistakes with your employees that could easily get your sued.

Bankruptcy – If your business is in dire straits and bankruptcy is your only option, you will need a business lawyer to help you through all of the legal barriers.

As you can see, a business lawyer can be with a company through every legal issue or problem they face. In addition to the tasks listed above, there are many other things that a business lawyer will do including helping you to start up your company as well as dealing with any lawsuits, taxes and more. If you are a business owner and don’t yet have a business lawyer on your side, make sure to get one, today!