When Will You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer In Glen Burni?

by | Nov 24, 2012 | Personal Injury

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A personal injury lawyer in Glen Burni has one goal and that is to protect the victim of an accident. Justice for an accident victim and the proper compensation takes skill and knowledge on behalf of the lawyer.

Right after an accident there is a period where there is a lot of activity for the victim, he or she has to make lots of decisions in a very short period of time, some things are extremely urgent, especially if there are injuries. If there are injuries the victim may either be focused on his medical care or perhaps not capable of making any decisions at all. One thing that is extremely important and urgent is filing a claim against the negligent party to make sure that they own up to all their responsibilities. At this time the decision has to be made, “will I hire a personal injury lawyer in Glen Burni or not?” To determine when you may need a personal injury lawyer it may help if you know what they do for their client.

Right after the accident has occurred it’s important to gather all the facts. Once the personal injury lawyer in Glen Burni has the facts he can begin making certain determinations. In co-operation with the client he will ask a series of questions, the answers to which help in determining if the victim bear any responsibility or have any fault in the accident and if so, how much. The lawyer needs to assess who exactly is responsible for the accident and if a claim is lodged and pursued will it stand up in court. To establish the initial claim the lawyer needs to know what damages were done and will there be long term repercussions as a result of the mishap.

With this information and insight the personal injury lawyer in Glen Burni can determine if it’s in the client’s best interest to proceed and if the answer is yes, a determination of the settlement needs to be made. The lawyer will always attempt to settle the case out of court but to do so a claim has to be filed against the negligent party who is now the defendant in the case. The filing of a claim in court often has a statute of limitations so quick action is required.

Negotiations with the defendant, his lawyer, the insurance company and their lawyers are often complex. They want to minimize the settlement and your personal injury lawyer in Glen Burni wants to maximize it. Based on the facts, including testimony of witnesses the lawyers will attempt to work toward an agreeable settlement, if an agreement cannot be arrived at your lawyer will represent you in court.

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