You Need Legal Counsel for Strict DUI Laws

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Law And Lawyers

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Some states, like Florida, have some of the strictest DUI laws within the country. If you have been pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence you need legal counsel. Right now, the blood alcohol level within the state of Florida is currently 0.8%. When you have been given a blood alcohol concentration test and your blood alcohol level is at the minimum or above, you will be arrested. DUIs are actually very serious. This type of mark on your record can actually damage your reputation in many ways. It actually goes beyond just damaging your reputation and can cause you to pay heavy fines, serve time in jail as well as have your license suspended. Law enforcement has a great concern for public safety. That’s why if you have been pulled over for DUI it is important to hire a DUI attorney in Jacksonville FL that can help prove your case and defend your rights.

You Are Under the “Implied Consent Law”

Everyone knows that drinking and driving increases the chance of being involved in an accident. The state of Florida has placed an ‘Implied Consent Law’ that says you agree to comply with urine, blood or breath tests if pulled over under the suspicion of driving under the influence. The moment you sign your driver’s license you have agreed to take those tests. Since any type of refusal can lead to license suspension, you should always follow through with requests from police officers. However, this does not mean that the test was correct. That is why you need a DUI attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

Tolerance Levels Are Strict

DUI tolerance levels are strict in Florida. In fact, they have a zero-tolerance law in place for drivers beneath the age of 21. Drivers that are pulled over under the age of 21 cannot have a blood alcohol level over 0.02%. If your alcohol level is .02 or higher your license can automatically be suspended for six months. With such strict tolerance levels in place it is always advisable to have legal counsel available if you’ve been charged with driving under the influence. No matter how old you are, drinking and driving is a serious offense. This can also be an expensive offense with an average cost of $8000 for auto insurance increases, legal defense as well as fines.