The Importance Of Hiring A Spotsylvania County Accident Lawyer

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Accident Attorney

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When you find yourself in an accident, even a fender bender, you should make sure you document everything you can about the incident, then take all that information to a Spotsylvania County Accident Lawyer. Your attorney has a lot of wisdom acquired through experience and challenging the laws of the state they practice in. This experience can be used to help you form a case to recoup what you lost due to someone else’s negligence.

Even a fender bender can be an expensive expense to fix and if someone else hit your car, THEY are the ones in the eyes of the law who should pay to have it fixed. People will shrug off a fender bender and thank their lucky stars that’s all that resulted in the exchange, but later find out when it’s too late, that they suffered a concussion, whiplash, and other things that can show up days even months after the accident. If you didn’t secure your rights because you didn’t know any better, the law has no mercy for you.

Always hire an attorney to advise you and let you know what your rights are exactly. They will sit with you and your information, pictures, documentation, and anything else you have to prove your case (police reports) and will filter it all through their knowledge of the law and cases like yours. They can quickly assess the damages, your rights, and how the courts will see the events played out (impartially). They will take all of this information and compile you a case and a strategy to fight your case.

You aren’t guaranteed to win or even be in the right. You may find that you were at fault and at that point, you will not so much need to fight your case, as protect yourself against the defendant. Whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff, you will want a lawyer in your corner advising you and helping you to make an intelligent case to fight in court. If you’re the defendant and you don’t have a lawyer, the plaintiff may have a high priced lawyer who can wipe the floor with you in court. It’s a sad fact the law has loopholes and innocent people can become victims, but that’s exactly why you MUST hire a lawyer, because what the common person knows about their rights is often insufficient. Visit us at Dulaney Lauer & Thomas LLP.