Who Is Eligible to File a Leukemia Lawsuit?

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Legal

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Doctors and medical researchers have concluded that exposure to benzene can cause serious illnesses as a result. More people are finding out that they have developed severe health conditions attributed to benzene exposure from their workplace or due to their living locations in decades past. Find out whether you’re eligible to file a leukemia lawsuit in Chicago or elsewhere.

What Is Benzene? Why Is it Harmful to Health?

Benzene is a chemical that occurs naturally in crude oil, and this dangerous and flammable substance can also be found in many petroleum products. It is in liquid form when at room temperature, but benzene quickly evaporates and is dispersed into the surrounding air as it dries. This is a highly dangerous chemical that may be encountered in many different job fields and worksites all over the country.

Benzene Is Commonly Used in Many Everyday Home & Manufacturing Products

This material is often used as a base ingredient in many chemical formulas like lubricants, insecticides, dyes, nylon, resins, plastics, rubber products, de-greasers and many other solvents and materials. The risk of contracting a life-threatening disease from exposure to this substance is something scientists and medical experts are still investigating.

Illnesses Commonly Associated with Benzene Exposure

Some of the illnesses associated with continued exposure to benzene include Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and other leukemia types and blood disorders. Others include Non-Hodkin’s Lymphoma, Aplastic Anemia and various cancers among many other possibilities. For information on this leukemia lawsuit, contact Benzene Lawyers anytime.